10 Best People Finder Services to Search for People

People Finder Services

People search websites are used by people all around the world who want to check the details of any relative person. The prime reason to search for people using any search engine is to get prolonged data about their personal life, their jobs, identity, and background history.

These people finder services simply ask you for your target’s name, phone number, or email address to find his information regarding any matter. These applications provide the data as they are linked with different national and international databases. These databases show the public records, criminal history, and national registration of individuals.

This review will list 10 best people search websites that provide authentic and factual data of the target person without him knowing.

  • Instant Checkmate – Well-featured Service providing Distinctive People’s Information
  • CocoFinder – Huge Database providing in-depth Person’s Data
  • TruthFinder – Multiple People Search Options with Accuracy
  • Intelius – Affordable and Accurate People Connector

Part 1: Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a people-finder website that uses any name, phone number, email address, or home address of any person to provide his data. However, the application takes a lot of time while displaying the results and shows many warnings. The data displayed through people’s search has a long list. View this Instant Checkmate review post to get more about it.

It shows the birthday of the target, including the day, date, and year with accuracy. If the target has any crime registered on his name, the search engine would also show it. The Instant Checkmate can also be used to find lost friends and family members that only require you to enter the name of the target. The locations of the target and his living area are also visible to the user.

Instant Checkmate
Instant Checkmate

The past and current living places with accurate addresses are also shown by the application. If the target has any court record, arrest history, or crimes registered on him, the application would also show it.

You can enter any email address and find out the details of the sender. If he is a scammer or has any association with a fake organization, the user would get instant details about his business. Hence, the application can save people from getting bullied or scammed.

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Part 2: CocoFinder

CocoFinder provides the details of target by people search, reverse phone lookup, and white pages. The reverse phone lookup of the target requires a target’s phone number and exhibits the required information. It can provide financial dues, loans, court proceedings, credit/debit card details, and job information of the target.


The application shows the social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts of the target. It displays the alternative phone numbers and email addresses of the target as well. If he has any business associated with his phone number, CocoFinder would also show the business details by its reverse phone lookup service.

The white pages resemble the phonebook of old times where phone numbers of people, along with their names and address, were written. The white pages require you to type the name, and it will automatically show the number of that person.

The application shows the identity of the target just like providing a complete background check, such as his complete name, phone numbers, relatives, families, and employment history. Moreover, every information available on target’s social media accounts are also accessible through CocoFinder. If he has written his schools, college, university, then the user will also get to know about them.

With the help of CocoFinder, you can easily see the whole biography of the target by just typing his name or phone number in the search bar.

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Part 3: TruthFinder

TruthFinder is an application used by investigators or organizations to reveal the truth about any person. This truth can be associated with their identity or business matters. The application requires you to enter the phone number of the target with accuracy. Then, the application would show the business information of the target, such as the nature and the date of the beginning of a business.

The software is interlinked with public search engines, and hence, it never fails to display information of the target from a 15 years old data record. If the target has any criminal history, the application will show the crime he committed and the punishment given to him.


It has an easy-to-use interface that shows the menu in sequential form so anybody can go through the software and learn the functioning. When you enter the name of the target person, it will show the full report of that person regarding his name, address, social accounts, business, and educational details. For more details, you can check this review post.

The background check is also available on TruthFinder that reveals the background history of the target involving his criminal record, felonies, registration on the dark web, and court proceedings. The data displayed has a sequential manner and complete and accurate details.

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Part 4: Intelius

With Intelius, you can check the details of the target, such as his background, friends, relatives, age, date of birth, and complete name of the target. Intelius displays the complete report of the person, including his identity information.

One can also search the details of the property he wants to buy by entering the complete address of the property in Intelius’s search bar. The home address lookup exhibits the details of tenants living there, such as their names, phone numbers, sex-offending history, and employment details. Hence, the user can find out information about past and current tenants by entering their address.


This is also a way to find people’s information. You can enter their home address if you don’t have access to their name or phone number. The property details of the target property include home value, sales history, selling value, latitudes, and neighborhood history. Read the Intelius review post to know more about it.

If you have any email address that sends you emails regarding job opportunities or claims that you have won any prize or lottery. You want to check the credibility of that mail. The email address lookup lets the user enter a certain email and shows the credibility of the sender and his complete identity.

The application has a handy dashboard that displays the revealed information with accuracy.

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Part 5: AnyWho

AnyWho provides services by requiring the target’s name, phone numbers, and business. The application has a yellow pages service. This service requires the business name or category and location of the situated business. After the user enters the name of the business, the application starts searching for the business details in the database and search engines.

You can find video profiles and online reservations, basic details and maps, and coupons. The people search service requires the user to enter the first name, last name, and state where the relative person lives in.


The application helps to find the location of people. Through this service, you can get to know where the target lives and his social media accounts. Social media accounts can help to know a lot about the target, such as his photos, videos, friends, and job places throughout his life. If he has any felonies, bankruptcies, lawsuits registered, they would also be visible.

Part 6: Pipl

Pipl is especially used by customers to check the credibility of any business organization. They let you add the details of any business and find the background of the business and people that work in the company. It is basically used to prevent e-commerce fraud and theft. One can check the business and the reliability before any agreement or deal.


Furthermore, it has a loan verification policy. By this policy, one can enter the details of the person who wants the loan. The application would check his identity, his job details, and financial status. After this, the software would confirm if the relative person is worthy of a loan or not.

It is mainly used-up to confirm credibility and check the resources. The application also tends to reveal the complete identity, phone number, email address, and social media handles of the target person. One can gather, connect people and relatives by using this application. It provides social, professional, and personal information.

Part 7: ZabaSearch

ZabaSearch has white pages that require the user to enter the name and state of the target person. The application would show his background information and employment details. Moreover, one can also check the information of the target person by adding his phone number in the search bar.

The advanced search helps you to know the name, address, and social media handles of a specific person. It also accesses the age and alternative phone numbers of people. One can emphasize finding the factual data of his employees, spouses, or anyone by entering his name or phone number.


If you upgrade the search by adding the background check in the ZabaSearch, you will get the background history such as marriages, divorce records, harassment cases, and court proceedings. The background check service identifies the complete background of the target and publishes the report within a few minutes.

To get started, you only need to enter the name or phone number of the target and hit the ‘Search’ button.

Part 8: BlackBookOnline

BlackBookOnline offers an asset locator that requires people to enter any name, and it would access the assets registered on his name. The bank locator service allows you to enter any credit card number or any other account number and displays the bank name.

The death record service helps people to know who died and has a public record. This application lets people confirm the death of their old friend or relative. The criminal record of BlackBookOnline requires the user to enter any name in order to exhibit the crime details of that person.

It is also an essential application in finding the marriage record, divorces, off-springs, spouses, and siblings of the target person. If the relative person has any registration on dating websites, the software would also show it.

The motorcycle service helps people to enter the number of any motorcycle, and the application would access and show the owner of the vehicle. This helps to control theft and misplacement of vehicles.

Part 9: That’sThem

That’sThem offers reverse phone lookup, IP search, address search, and VIN search to the user interface. The address lookup service asks the user to enter the complete address of any property, and it would display the owner of that property. The application also shows the household contact information, selling value, worth, and area of the home.

The VIN search is a service that provides information about any vehicle, such as a car, motorcycle, or van. It only requires you to enter the number written on the nameplate of the vehicle. The application would start searching its manufacturing year, company name, and the owner of the vehicle.

The IP search finds the geographical details about any IP address. The user has to enter the IP address, and the search will begin. It provides the most accurate and factual IP data available.

The reverse email search requires the email of the target to carry the search. The results of the search would show the name, number, address, and social media profiles of the email sender.

Part 10: Zlookup

Zlookup is a reverse phone lookup application mainly built to access people through their phone numbers. It requires people to enter the phone number of the target person and carries the search within a few seconds. The application is linked with huge databases that spy on the oldest information with accuracy.

Zlookup is especially interlinked with every country in the world. You need to select a particular country where you want to run the reverse phone lookup. The application has the authority to show identity through the phone number. The identity includes the name and age of the person, his education, workplaces, and social accounts.

If he has any fraud case registered in his name or has gone through any punishment, the application displays its details. This helps people to know about the history of suspicious people by entering their phone numbers. By the Zlookup, one can know who called them and who keeps on calling them with different numbers.


The article concludes a list of 10 best websites to find people that are used to provide factual information on the target. The search is carried when the user enters any data such as name, phone number, or email address. These applications find out data with accuracy. The information includes the criminal background, information about vehicles, death records, and IP address.

This is an important and vital way to find people through their names or phone number. This secures people from getting scammed by fake people. If you are being disgusted by calls and messages, the people finder sites allow you to enter the phone number and get to know the name and address of the caller.


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