Beginners Guide: Research Your Way To A Profitable Income Online

online researcher

If you know how to find required data using google and other search engines, you can potentially make a career out of this skill. Internet researchers or online researchers are in demand as every field and business is rapidly digitizing.  

You can earn money online using a reliable internet connection and a laptop. 

How does an internet researcher work?

An online researcher’s job entails simply googling various pieces of information and compiling them into a global file. Instead, a professional online researcher must obtain authoritative data and analyze it to condense it into something that the industry and businesses can understand.

Primarily, they work from home at their time convenience. The information or data you will be searching for will be based on the niche or company you are working for. It can be super complex or straightforward as well.

There are several platforms you can search for information from. Like blog posts, articles, and infographics available on authoritative websites, newsletters, and user-generated platforms like Reddit and Quora to understand what people are talking about any topic. Or you can gather surveys and polls to understand the public’s sentiment regarding any product or service.  

Plus, here are a few reasons businesses will hire you as a professional researcher. 

  • Product testing
  • Optimizing content for customers
  • Conducting surveys to gather relevant and authentic information regarding the industry or company
  • Extracting and categorizing information to optimize it for usage 
  • To check on the booming trends and consumer patterns to get an insight into the product’s quality or marketing. 

Is there any degree required for the online researcher job?

Firstly, notice if you have a general understanding of 

  • Different topics and industries  
  • Usage of other software 
  • How search engines work,

Then you can be an online researcher. And earn a profitable income. However, some fields require expertise, like law, medicine (for example, mental health), or any technical field. So, you must have a respective degree to work in these fields.

Top platforms for internet researchers to earn

After that, you can opt for freelancing websites like Upwork, People Per Hour, Freelancer, Fiverr, Flexjobs, etc., and earn as a freelance online researcher. 

To search for remote jobs, use keywords like “online researcher jobs”, or “internet researcher work from home,” and you will get thousands of suggestions. But beware of dishonest online scams, as not all websites give a genuine job. 

Moreover, you can optimize your online profile according to the needs and demands of the trend to climb up the ladder to secure a high-paid job.

How much can you earn as an internet researcher? 

In the US, the salary of an internet researcher ranges from $30,738 to $76,725. 

But remember that you will get paid according to your skill set and abilities. For beginners, the pay rate will be lower. And when you gain experience and get good testimonials on your profile, you can charge more. Ask Wonder is a phenomenal platform for getting a job as an online researcher. As an online researcher at Ask Wonder, you can earn around $2000 monthly. You can set your per-hour work rate as well. For general research, it is wise to keep it around $10-$20. And for the more technical fields, you can increase it to $50-$80 per hour.  

Reliable payment gateways for an online researcher  

If you are working on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, you can use PayPal. It is the most popular and reliable option. On the other hand, MasterCard, Payoneer, and Skrill are good payment options. 

Using certified bank channels to receive payments is better to avoid scams.  

The Bottom Line

In a crux, as tech is taking over every business, it is in need an hour to get professional-level skills in online research to get sustainable income. Although there are several opportunities for you to choose from, Ask Wonder and FlexJobs are the most suitable ones.


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