The 10 Best Craigslist Alternatives for Buying and Selling Stuff


Whether you’re looking to sell or buy, having more options is a good thing.

And even though Craigslist is the grandfather of online classifieds sites, it probably shouldn’t be the only place you turn to.

Many websites like Craigslist have sprung up over the years, including some you might not think of. If you’re thinking about how to make money online, or just enjoy window shopping from the comfort of home, check out these 10 Craigslist alternatives.

1. Facebook Marketplace

If you’ve abandoned the social network or use it sparingly, you might not be aware Facebook is a popular Craigslist alternative.

You can search by city, neighborhood or ZIP code within a specified mile radius, based on price for all kinds of stuff. It has at least one edge over other sites like Craigslist: Facebook is one of the most-visited websites in the world, so the odds are high that people will see your stuff — including people you already know who might be interested. And the big bonus: Selling is free.

Separate from the Marketplace feature, Facebook also has a category of Groups for buying and selling stuff. Some groups may have their own rules and membership criteria you won’t be restricted by elsewhere on the site, but it might help you find the right niche.

2. eBay Classifieds

Being another of the most popular sites on the internet makes eBay a great Craigslist alternative for getting your stuff seen. The first thing people think about on eBay is auctions, but it also has classified ads searchable from its homepage.

Unfortunately, this Craigslist alternative isn’t free: It works much like selling anything else on eBay, only for locals. Listing is $9.95 for 30 days. You’ll need to set up an account and create an “advanced listing,” which offers the classified ad format. Categories are limited to a handful.

To shop eBay’s classified ads, search for the item you want normally from the homepage, then filter the buying format to “classified ads.” You can also limit your search to a ZIP code radius and filter for “free local pickup.”

3. Mercari

Mercari is one of a few apps like Craigslist or eBay worth mentioning.

It’s not technically a classifieds site, since it involves shipping instead of meeting locally like other sites similar to Craigslist. But it’s a popular Craigslist-style marketplace with a large audience and a convenient phone app.

Listing on Mercari is always free, but there’s a flat 10% fee when the item sells. You’ll get a printable shipping label, but are responsible for packing and shipping the item. It also has a buyer and seller rating system similar to eBay.

4. Poshmark

Poshmark is another app-based marketplace similar to Craigslist, but specifically for fashion: clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories and handbags.

You use the site’s free app to list items, and when someone makes a purchase, you get a prepaid shipping label to mail the item. If you have a closet full of stuff you don’t wear, this might be how to make money online without breaking a sweat or resorting to many other apps like Craigslist.

For sales under $15, there is a flat fee of $2.95. For sales of more than $15, Poshmark takes 20%.

5. OfferUp

Next on the list of sites similar to Craigslist is OfferUp, which is sort of like if Pinterest owned Craigslist.

Images, prices and distance from you are prominently displayed, making it possible to visually browse through things you’re interested in more quickly than many websites like Craigslist. If you’re a seller, that also means it’s easier to catch someone’s eye.

There is a rating system for buyers and sellers.

6. Letgo

One of the most popular sites similar to Craigslist is Letgo, which like OfferUp focuses on an image-based format but has robust search features that allow you to search by distance, time since listing, price range and category.

You have to create an account to use Letgo, but this allows you to communicate without sharing a phone number or email address, an advantage over many sites like Craigslist. It also has an app that is free to use for both buying and selling.

7. Trovit

Trovit claims to search thousands of websites similar to Craigslist all at once, although it only has a few, very specific broad categories: homes, cars and jobs. Each of these has subcategories, such as car brands or job field.

The initial search screen is very simple and clean, but once you start a search, you can apply a variety of filters and sort results in different ways, as on other sites similar to Craigslist.

Trovit is free to use, but the site cautions that their effort to include as many results as possible may sometimes result in a few listings from sites that require a subscription to access. “In case you find one with a paid subscription, you will have to choose whether to continue or not with them,” the site says.

8. Locanto

There are still a few other sites like Craigslist, Locanto among them.

The site features a number of traditional classifieds categories — from classes to cars, jobs to personals — and searches can be refined into further subcategories and by location. The listings are clean and look more like a traditional retail website than the do-it-yourself look of Craigslist.

Locanto is free to use, but offers a “premium account” option that hides third-party ads and allows you to get notifications of new results for saved searches or sellers that you follow.

9. Swappa

Swappa is another Craigslist alternative focused on electronics: phones, computers, cameras and video games. The company tries to distinguish itself from other websites similar to Craigslist by highlighting that it has people reviewing listings to fight spam and has lower fees than eBay for buyers.

There are no fees to list items for sale, but buyers pay a flat fee when they buy based on the listed price. Swappa’s fee is $0 for items under $50 — but how often do you buy electronics that cheap?

The fee can go up to $250 for items over $6,000. Swappa points out eBay typically charges a 10% fee to the seller.

From the seller’s perspective, this looks like a great option for how to make money online, especially if you’re the kind of person constantly upgrading gear.

10. Oodle

Oodle is another marketplace similar to Craigslist, with some categories you might not find on other sites, including office space and event tickets.

It’s free to use, but requires you to sign up and connect your Facebook account in an attempt to cut down on fraud. So, if you’re already using Facebook Marketplace or other websites like Craigslist that connect to Facebook, you might consider listing here, too.

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